Only cpu mining

I am trying to mine with CPU only.
I know it can be done in secondary mode, but I want to do it in primary mode.
why? because I have about 50 pcs with i3 that can be mining all day
I couldn’t get it to work

What is your problem?. Where are you stuck?

i dont know how to start.
only in the gpu are the flight sheet.
if i put the “secondary mining mode” the system dont works

CPU only mining fully supported by Hive OS.
And BTW Hive also has special package for CPU-only miners for 0.3$/mo per worker.
Just create Flight Sheet with CPU miner.

what am I forgetting?

disable gpu nvidia and amd.
change coin and pool.
changing algo

I don’t know how you do this, but all your screenshots indicate errors.
Mining RVN on CPU using a nanominer is possible only on GPUs
Mining Monero on a CPU requires a fork of XMRStak-RandomX or other miners.
If you opened the miner’s log or looked into the console, I think you would see numerous errors.