Only cpu mining

I am trying to mine with CPU only.
I know it can be done in secondary mode, but I want to do it in primary mode.
why? because I have about 50 pcs with i3 that can be mining all day
I couldn’t get it to work

What is your problem?. Where are you stuck?

i dont know how to start.
only in the gpu are the flight sheet.
if i put the “secondary mining mode” the system dont works

CPU only mining fully supported by Hive OS.
And BTW Hive also has special package for CPU-only miners for 0.3$/mo per worker.
Just create Flight Sheet with CPU miner.

what am I forgetting?

disable gpu nvidia and amd.
change coin and pool.
changing algo

I don’t know how you do this, but all your screenshots indicate errors.
Mining RVN on CPU using a nanominer is possible only on GPUs
Mining Monero on a CPU requires a fork of XMRStak-RandomX or other miners.
If you opened the miner’s log or looked into the console, I think you would see numerous errors.

Curious I have 5 CPU mining rigs no GPU in it mining Raptoreum all are 3900x but getting charged 3 bucks per rig for all but one that is actually getting the proper $0.30

Do you use build-in miner? Billing as for CPU rig works only for built-in miners not custom miner.
If you use built-in miner than should write to Hive OS support email and provide your login/Farm ID for checking

It is a built in miner turns out I had to wait until Hive OS reset time kicked in woke up this morning and everything was being charged correctly was just weird that only 1 was being billed at first when they were all the same. Thx for the tip about the custom miners if I end up testing monerocean will need a custom miner for my set up so will be getting in touch with support when the time comes.

Hive has XMRig fork for moneroocean pool (from their github repo) so you can use it
Find it under field fork in miner settings of xmrig-new

Yes I was having issues with it though maybe its been updated haven’t used it for a while but with the MO fork it would only swap between XMR or wownero wouldnt hit XHV or anything else so the custom miner fixed that use a rig in windows to test as well and compare once I used the custom miner they were all swapping accordingly.

It’s updated recently up to 6.15.0 (synced with upstream XMRig).
But I’m out from cpu mining so can’t say how this fork good

I have the same question here as well. Basically, when you add miner to your farm, HiveOS only provide you GPU or ASIC these two options. There is no third option to choose for CPU worker. Even in the download section, there is no CPU miner option either. Please help us with adding a pure CPU miner to a farm. Thanks.

As @HaloGenius stated few post up…when your cpu miner is an offical hive release, so that u can select it from miners list, then it will be considered as cpu miner and charged as cpu miner.

This is how i see this anyways, please correct if i have undrstood wrong
edit…noticed that previous post 2months ago LOL

Thanking to @Smining570 for an answer to you
Updated Add worker procedure mentioned CPU, GPU and (ta-da) HDD

Hello, I’m trying to mine Monero with Nvidia and XMRig, but did not lucky to configure the flightsheet , anyone can have some example what is working, I-m only able to mine using the CPU.

thanks in advance.