OS flashing ssd/usb problem

Hello, i just wanted to switch my farm to hive os and i flashed one hdd with os, now i got some usb sticks and ssd’s but seems i got an error from hdd raw copy tool, it says process terminated, and when i flash it with etcher windows is not showing hive drive. I can flash smos easily no problems, so what could i do wrong?

Thanks in advance

after flashing remove usb stick from usb slot than insert again
if you still not see Hive config partition than run Windows Computer Management and run applet Disk Manager than assign drive symbol to Hive partition

Thank you for your answer, I managed to do it with my RPI3, i flashed all usb sticks and ssd’s with etcher on windows, then i added config files via rpi3.

Linux recognized hive partition without any problem.

I will be installing sticks in few days when i go in my farm, I’m hoping it will go smooth, and I will be able to use hive os easily.