Out of Memory error

I keep getting an out of memory error after hours of mining and not sure how to correct it.

Rig: 5x RX 5600 XT’s 6GB, 16gb Flash Drive. Using the HiveOs Beta.

Do I need to get a larger flash drive or use an SSD?

I guess it’s RAM not SSD. Seems like memory leaks … which miner are you using?


Here is an image of the Out of Memory error received. Not sure if this is because one of the 5 cards became unstable during mining or if I do need to replace the RAM stick on the system.

Seems driver issue known as memory leaks

I’m getting the same thing also with 5.6.0-200909-hiveos-beta and using teamredminer latest version. The miner keeps on mining though for now. I’m currently using one 4 gb memory stick. Also - using a 120gb SSD

It’s likely a stability issue from what i’ve found. Change the clocks around either you aren’t running enough power or your memory clocks are too high… I found it really has nothing to do with memory at all and I believe is a GPU memory error when an error occurs.