Overclock Sapphire Pulse RX570 ITX


Got stuck with overclocking this card on HiveOS.

Regardless of overclocking settings GPU core is always in 2 DPM state.

Powertune setting in BIOS looks good to me

Any ideas are highly appreciated


I am having a similar issue I think. I get great hashrates in Windows 10 but they are cut in 1/2 in Hive OS. Were you able to fix?? Sapphire Pulse RX570 4G Elpida.


I verified that this is my problem as well. I am stuck in DPM 0 with core clock at 300 and mem at 300. If I run the wolf cmd I get errors saying that /sys/ dir doesn’t exist or that I’m not root. (which the login says I am) Any ideas??


I think I know my problem… I’m going to create a new thread


Getting my onboard video to disable was the key to my wolfamdctrl issues. Everything working much better.


We have the same GPU, what is your settings/OC in HiveOS? I’m new to this OS, was using SMOS with great success, 29.8Mhs @ 130W mining ETH.


I have stable 30.33Mhs @ 93W - Elpida memory, RX570ITX :slight_smile:

On Hiveos this is 1-1.5mhs more than windows. Thanks guys:)