Overclocking 3080. Power Level won't get to 230W

Myself along with many others are having issues with the NVIDIA 3080 overclocks. I can overclock my 3080 Gaming X Trio in Windows and get a hash rate of 99MH/s at 230W, but in HiveOS it appears to be setting the power state to P2 and it will hash at 88MH/s while only consuming 203W. In Windows I can see if there are flags for thermal throttling or voltage throttling in HWinfo64, does Linux have something similar? I know the 3080s have issues with the memory getting hot, very seldom my Windows 3080s will get a Thermal Limit flag in HWinfo64 and throttle back for a minute. HiveOS is doing something different. I can never get the card to draw more than 203-207W and it needs to draw 230W to hash at 100MW/s. Almost everyone in HiveOS is having this issue, what do I have to do to fix this?

  1. I’m happy with the speed and the power

What model cards, MOBO, did you add heat sink pads to memory, what bios, did you turn P2 off, What NVIDIA drivers, what mining algorithm?

How can we turn off P2 ? I have the same issue low voltage. I’ve never seen above 210w.