Payment pending

thank you i ave the same probleme, maybe wallet locked, were is the hive os chat please?

@CLF47 pretty sure you want the Pool side vs. OS side of the support.
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— Today at 9:55 AM
Payment not received
You either didn’t meet threshold on time or your wallet has been locked. This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale(5%)/invalid(8%) rate percentage for a prolonged period of time.
Check your Hiveon Dashboard’s Shares graph.
You can view it by Day, Week or even Month and review whether you have had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked. Get in touch with support supplying your wallet address for checks.

I am guessing wallets and pools area is what you want on the discussion boards:

I am certain on Discord, you’ll want :hiveon-pool

Best wishes for quick outcomes.