Payment threshold met but no payout

I met my payment threshold and past it with no payout, I get a payout every 8 to 9 days but I met 100 percent payout days ago and no money, it’s stuck on hive at .129 ETH? Can anyone help me?

Hello, I am also facing the same problem from atleast 4 weeks. I am also unable to get my payment to my working coinbase wallet. Can anyone help out for the same asap! Thanks.

Stale shares above 5% in 48 hours period , read up on Hiveon homepage payout section…:+1:

I got my account unblocked yesterday after dm the hive guy on here and sending emails to support, thanks for the help. If our account could say the status and have a better way to unblock that would be super awesome. I love using hive it’s great, it’s super stressful to have my miners running and earning but not paying out though, I have one of my miners shut down just to avoid racking up stale shares. Does it count shares for a whole farm or is it for each worker?

Buenas tardes nadie explica que esta sucediendo tengo tiempo minando ETH y ya hace tres días que debieron realizar el pago y todavía nada que se hace que esa sucediendo.