Payout reset but shows when I change pools

Im new to HiveOs and mining in General and after about a week of mining I garnered 0.05 Eth and I wake up this morning to see the payout meter set to 0.002 Eth. Which seemed weird to me because I thought the payout Threshold for Hive was 0.1 Eth and I hadn’t reached that yet. Then I decided to try flexpool just to compare to Hivepool and I assumed the 0.05 Eth was in the process of being paid out then I saw when I went to the Hiveon stats the payout was still there so I switched back to Hiveon in order to complete the progress to the payout there and like last time the payout had been reset to the 0.002 eth again. So my question is how can I get back to the 0.05 eth progress so that I can finish that threshhold?

Edit: I also added a new wallet so maybe that’s the issue and if so is there anyway to combine the progress?

Same happened to me, just reuse your original wallet address. The address should still be attached to your wallet because it was added to the blockchain.

Not sure if can combine though. You could change to your newer address after a payout.

ok thank you for the info