I’m still a greenhorn as it relates to HiveOS. I’ve tried many different things to maximize my mining and make my home rig as stable and as fast as possible. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve changed my monitor over to the IGFX but when Hive boots (from a USB) that a message in yellow appears during boot that says not to plug the monitor into the IGFX and instead to put it into the first 16x card. It boots fine and I’m able to navigate both linux and the web gui from the IGFX. When I switch it to the 1st PEG I find that everything is VERY delayed… the web page loads incredibly slow and so forth. I’m wondering if this is just how it’s supposed to be or if I’m missing a setting somewhere. I don’t see any issue with the IGFX but a warning is a warning and I want to make sure I’m not causing myself a problem down the road.

Any insight is appreciated!!