Pending payment. I have reached 100% of the payment limit for more than 3 days and I still have not received my payment

pending payment

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I think you will receive it after 28th of the month

I am in the same boat, over 100% for a couple of days. Did payout schedule change cause it still says daily when you go to check status.

Due to high gas price Hiveon Pool payouts are delayed, we apologize for this inconvenience and ask you to be patient.

i think they will pay after 28th of every month.

Same issue here. The chat page states that “due to high gas fees payments are delayed. Be patient”. Lol. These people are a freaking joke. First they get caught skimming off of our profits, now they’re holding our payments hostage. Scumbags.

they appear to be waiting for lower gas taxes meaning if the market goes down and chills a bit, they will pay :smiley:

Normal payout frequency for my account, specifically 6th of September.

Might want to review whether your wallet is locked if payment was not made and you are over 0.1.

Gas fees are not that bad right now, i would like to get the $500usd worth of ethereum out as soon as possible. In the meantime i am going to mine something else.

Folks, Payouts have been ongoing and you can check where they are easily. If you are over threshold and not getting paid, check in with support because your account may be locked. Best wishes and mining results to all.

From Discord earlier today:
[?] Worker Bee :honeybee:
— Today at 8:50 AM
Active/Inactive Account Payments

Payments are made out daily, starting at 07:33 GMT for all balances at or above the fixed threshold (0.1ETH / 1.0ETC) as of 06:33 GMT.

You can check the ongoing payout process here (Address 0x1aD91ee08f21bE3dE0BA2ba6918E714dA6B45836 | Etherscan).
Payouts are automated and made from largest to smallest amounts.

Transactions are dependent on gas fee prices (197 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan). Hiveon covers these fees, and we set our own thresholds, so payouts may experience delays due to temporary higher than specified gas fees. Transactions automatically resume once threshold is met.

Transaction times are dependent on network congestion and can vary considerably.

:exclamation:Inactive wallet balances are no longer paid out due to increased gas fees to send the funds.

I just chatted with support and it turned out that my account was locked due to some stale shares, so now account is unlocked and payment should happen tomorrow morning. good luck

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Hello, I just contacted support and my wallet is effectively blocked due to some obsolete actions, my wallet will be unlocked after 48 hours when the platform remains stable during this time, for this reason I must continue mining in Hiveon Pool so that everything is normalized .

Buenas noches amigo en mi caso no es cuenta bloqueada tengo otros mineros en otra plataforma minando ETH a la misma cuenta y si me realizan el pago.