PL not setting on reboot on GTX 1060 3GB


I have set PL = 66w on Asus GTX 1060 3GB OC , when I reboot PL does not limit to 66w.
If I then go and set again , it will stay at 66w until rig is rebooted.
It used to work on older versions of HiveOS, not sure how many back.

Any ideas to sort it out?

Hive OS 0.5-82. N 410.66, A17.50.
B250 Asus Mining Expert bios 1206


When I use my other usb stick from my other worker (on this worker with the issue) the PL is set correctly. It is also Hive OS 0.5-82, although the nvidia version is 390.25.

Any ideas?


I ended up re-writing Hive OS to the USB key and starting again. It now works, odd…