Pool no report nvidia+amd cards

Hello I have a big issue for me.I have Nvidia and Amd cards on my rig.I mine with TeamRedMiner on AMD Cards and T-REX miner on Nvidia Cards,but for example only TeamRedMiner is reporting hashrate to ethermine or othertime T-REX miner is reporting hashrate to the miner not TeamRedMiner.Always not report BOTH MINERS ON ETHERMINE.Should i try other pool?I don’t get any error from no one of miners but if i mine with nbminer(miner mine with all graphics cards AMD+NVIDIA ) it report me to ethermine full hasrate but nbminer force a lot of gpu s in my case and i hate hot temperatures.Can you help me to found the problem why on ethermine miners TeamRed and T-REX don’t report both at the same time hashrate?

It may require a little bit of configuration to get your statistics to display correctly on the pool. It’s quite easy and all it involves is setting the worker name within flightsheet > edit flightsheet > setup miner config so the two names are different. Typically what we see people do is have one named as AMD and the other named as NVIDIA

Thx for the help but i mine on ethermine i was thinking to switch on hiveonpool because maybe is just a pool problem but now i’m undecided.