Problem on my rig after cleaning

hello guys !
i cleaned my rig , after that , it doens’t start mining , the card appears but no miner is starting ! when i try log , it tells me :

No wallet config /hive-config/wallet.conf
 Miner screen is not running

and when i try miner config it says :
cat: /hive/miners/teamredminer/0.8.4/teamredminer.conf: No such file or directory

thank you guys , i’ve solved the problem
necessary steps :
1-plug usb in windows ,if it shows format, reformat usb or ssd using minitools and create a whole partition .
2- burn hiveos again using Balena
3- unplug and plug usb again , if it doesn’t appear , assign a drive letter to hiveos disk from hiveos .
4-setup conf file as well as wifi if you have any
5-boot it again and it should work perfectly !

do not unplug or turn off directly the rig when you want to upgrade or clean it , make sure to stop the miner first , then shutdown the rig from the hiveos parameters to not face these issues !