Problems with hashrate, hiveon pool shows 0mhs but miners are ok




Have the same issue, realtime hashrate is zero. Looks like a problem with Hiveon pool. Ethermine is working good right now.

Подтверждаю, проблема имеет место быть. Похоже проблема с web api, т.к. карты копают исправно.

Thank you both for information. Thanks to you, I was sure it wasn’t some weird problem just with my setup.

It (0mhs) repaired itself between 11:30 and 15:20 but i got lots of stale shares (on web)

It is ok now starting from 16:00, everythig is fine

Thank you Hiveos Team for resolving this issue :slight_smile:

I too am having the same issue using naw hiveon. Real-time Hashrate is 0 and the relayed Hashrate through checkpool is also 0 but when I check the miners all is good, I think it’s not completely solved yet.

My watchdogs are going crazy and still rebooting, some cards are missing after these continuous reboots.
We keep fingers crossed :slight_smile:

It is all ok now (at this exact moment)

Still ok, thanks

Pool disconnected 5 mins ago, now ok

looks ok from the last post.
I think the issue has been resolved.
Thank You.

0.00 H/s

Real Time Hashrate

0.00 H/s

Reported Hashrate

I guess I should wait few days with final verdict