Problems with mining to Binance Pool and Binance


I have earlier mined to Binance Pool without problems.

This week I have mined to Binance Pool several times.
2 days ago I noticed there were no hashrate or workers on Binance page after 10.9.2021

Miner (T-Rex) works well and sending shares to Binance.

Binance::“I checked but found your miner became inactive after September, 10th. And no active data can be tracked after September 10th.”

Binance:“Thank you for waiting. As per checking, the status of your miner is dead. Seems there is technical issues. It’s best to contact your miners’ manufacturer to address the issue further.”

Me:“Miner is running all the time and sending shares to you just now”

Binance:“Please bear with me for a moment while I’m checking this for you.”

Binance:“In order to investigate the issue further for you, please allow me to escalate this chat to the related team for further checking and they will reply to you in the message within 24-48 hours. Please wait patiently and check later.”

I have waited 48h now without answer.

Today Binance website repeatedly kicked me out and asked me to login again.
Mobile app is working well.

Today I found this article on net (dated 2 days ago) Binance’s regulatory and legal issues in the U.S., EU and China - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

What other peoples think, should I worry about Binance?

Is there something happening what we should to know?

Screenshot from miner taken same time I talked to Binace assistant.

I think miner works well.
There were no hashrate or worker today