Question about free account with ergo/ravencoin/other coin

As we know, eth is going to merge and will be unmineable in few months, so anybody who wants to keep their hobby running :slight_smile: should check for other options, maybe other gpu coins.

Let’s say i’ve got 4 rigs, all minig eth on hiveon. But this is hobby, one has 3 cards, one has 4 and 4-free-rig account helps me with my hobby. My account is free, i pay no fees (btw thanks Hiveon!)
What happens when eth mining become obsolete? Is Hiveon going to run it’s own ravencoin or other coin pool, maybe ergo?
Will it still be free for 4 rigs? :slight_smile:

I know there is ETC, but they’re saying they go for SHA-3, so for now i am not sure about ETC.
It would be supercool if Hiveon run his own ergo/raven pool and keep 4rig free service :slight_smile: