R9 290 flashing



as i did not succeed with OC I did modify bioses for all my cards (r9 290), however, I could not flash it with interface provided, as I got message: “ROM file size is only 131072 bytes, there is something wrong with it, skipping” even with “force”. Could anyone please suggest solution? or commands what to use to flash w/ terminal. Thank you.


found solution. there is atiflash utility built in distro!


Can any one tell me how to do this? i have the same problem;( where are atiflash in hiveos?


I too need help with this card


please helppppp, on this card can do straps like rx ? on 1500+?


No. The R290 does not react on OC settings.

You have to flash your Core and Memory timings in your Bios.
I do not know why but this is bug is not fixed in HiveOS.