Radeon VII Support



I am paying for HiveOS and have been waiting quite awhile for support for Radeon VII. I have all my other rigs on Hive and would like to get my Radeon VII rig up and going so so I can manage all on one dashboard.

Do you have a time frame of when you will give support for Radeon VII?


I’m also really interested in Vega VII support. Any news from the devs?


Radeon VII still not update? nothing news? Pls make update hiveos for this GPU , more people waiting on this , now Radeon VII not running in HIVEOS , not supported ? pls


Me too.
Repost my wish of that issue.
"Same issue is matter to me too.
I am ready to do that in 1 week time but on which OS still nerves to go back in mining on Win 10 64 bit.
My plans is 4 rig on Asus B250 with 12*radeon VII.
I am ready to be the ginny pig. "


+1 I also am interested.