Real time income

So when ever I stop mining my income imediately drops to 0, duh. But not for future income, also for the past income. The website doesnt update the real time income for several hours, generally I find it about 1-2 hours behind(sometimes I feel like its synced up good, but cant remember right now). Not a big deal, its close enough for me to review. I was mining all day, I come home at 1545, I notice Im at .0997 ETH, nearly to the cashout, and notice my average in hourly income is about .00029 and that the Real Time Income graph hasnt been updated in 2 hours(last graph point says 1400). so I figure thats at least .001 that hasnt updated so i switch my miner to another coin because Im about to get a payout anyway tonight. The next two graph points say 0.000000. So either the real time graph is randomly using a different time than the Hashrate graph, which stays upto date rather quickly. Or because I switched miner to different coin/pool before it cashed out I wasnt payed for it.

Im leaning towards a timing display issue(wrong time zones?), but Im not sure, and wondering what others think.

Currently my Hashrate graph has me dropping to zero Mh/s at 1610, the last point on the graph is 17:40.(which is accurate with when I switched mining and the current time now, 17:49). The real time income graph has my payout at 1600 as 0.0000, and the last point is 1600

Don’t stop running 100% until you are in the end zone.
Don’t believe anything but a verified time piece.
Don’t forget, past performance is not indicative of future results.

Mining still has bit of a game in it, play it like one vs. 100% science so you don’t lose your mind, or investment.

Most of the calculations are around 24 hours, so that explains the catch up and lags.

You can post some screen shots, and might find folks with similar gaps in their dashboards…which has been explained as “API errors” but not negatively impacting mining results" a few times.

In addition, you’ll find Discord hiveon-pool quite informative.

Im running another test, but looks like HiveOS is shorting my earnings. I make about 5% more coin per day on 2miners pool. I fully understand what your saying with the lag times for the different stat servers, thats why I asked about it. But this has happened twice so far, and Im recording timestamps more accurately right now so I can prove it to myself. But looks like Im gonna switch pools, and probably OS’s cause I cant trust HiveOS at the moment. But as the difficulty and luck change its difficult to be sure of this. So Im testing it one final time before I say good bye.

I should be getting over .006 ETH per day(according to online calculators, which are not perfect I know.), and instead I get like .0057 and less sometimes as low as .0049. On 2miner I was getting an average .0064, but the fees a bit higher. So Im assuming right now HiveOS is grabbing the equivelent of the fees without telling me, which is shady to me if its true. And I have trust issues.

I understand that future results wont be the same, but I lost 2 hours of payments when I stopped mining. Thats wierd. Also I was stuck on a stupid low difficulty, I dont know it that played a role in the low payments. I had a card that started getting over 300 invalid shares one night. After I corrected the problem when I woke up, I think the difficult changed from 4G or 8G to 1G. And I dont know if that can cause me to earn less. I saw no way to fix this difficulty problem, but after not mining on the pool for 8 days, It has returned to 4G difficulty. So Im very interested in how this test plays out.

I would be doing exactly what you are doing, finding the best pool for my rig composition, location, network, etc. No one can blame you.

FWIW: I find Discord to be a bit more informative about how the HiveOn pool mechanisms are working.

As of yesterday, I believe they had VarDiff disabled and fixed difficulty set at in the 4K range. Point being, they tune the pool, as they should. Results in short bursts are not helpful to compare. 4K difficulty may or may not be well suited for your rig(s).

Full disclosure, I have had a percentage of my miners across 2 or more pools since I started mining. One other is currently ahead of my HiveOn pools but not far enough for me to go all in for a single point of failure, etc. One similar sized pool fell behind far enough compared to HiveOn to drop it entirely based on my specific set ups. I narrowed to two pools since 1559.

HiveOS has been the most flexible and easiest to manage of all I tried, not to mention, a solid community of tuners using it to unlock gains. I am running MMPOS as well, as I have two rigs which seem to be more stable on it. Not sure why, but I have other things to tend to vs. troubleshooting what works.

Hoping you find the best outcome for your systems soon.