Remote Turn on Rig/PC

Hi there!
Just wanted to share a way to turn on my Rig/PC even from Internet without using WOL, which is not possible for everyone because needs a motherboard, BIOS and PSU compatible with WOL.

So I just bought a smart plugin, mine is Meross.
After wifi configuration, I can control it via Android with an APP from everywhere.
Then had to place it where my rig is, configure the BIOS so at powerloss, the pc will turn on when electricity is flowing again ( Restore on AC ).

So If I want to shutdown the computer, I can use shutdown & boot in 30 seconds and switch my Meross to off. When I want to turn it on, I just use Meross App.

Dont know if this way can break something, like HDisks but I use USB flash and everything works fine.

Same problem! I shut it down bc it was overheating and how I cant turn it back on unless I go on-site

I can just turn it back on just activating again the smart plugin.
I would tell you to configure properly the BIOS so it can turn on the entire computer when the electricity comes back. BTW each BIOS is different so I can tell you which steps you should do.

Oh well, your BIOS must be configured but what I do next to turn it off is “shutdown and reboot in 30 seconds”, I count to 20 and I switch off the Meross Smartplug.
So, next time I just switch on Meross Smartplug, the computer starts as If I pressed the button.