[REQUEST] Miners for adding to HiveOS | Майнеры для добавления в HiveOS



Currently HiveOS officially has support ethminer v0.14.0.dev4. There is nothing to comment to further versions of ethminer. When time is comes then new version will be included to OS update and all will be works fine


Name of the miner


add ccminer/nevermore to wishlist




please no nicehash.


+ccminer – nevermore or enemy really urgent right now having to use windows


+2. Nevermore is compiled on github, possible to self install? Thxs


Guys, guys I’m want remind to all some rules how to miners add by DevTeam to HiveOS

  1. if they are popular
  2. if they have advantages over another miners (unique algo, stability, more powerful hashrate etc.)

Too many miners make system overweighted - size of packages, difficult to observe his updates, etc …

Криптошахтеры, я хочу напомнить всем правила, по которым майнерский софт добавляет DevTeam к ОС

  1. если они популярны
  2. если они имеют преимущества перед другими майнерами (уникальный алгоритм, стабильность, более высокий хешрейт и т.п.)

Слишком много шахтеров делают систему с избыточным весом - размер пакетов, труднее следить за обновлениями майнеров и т.д.


sry for offtop. there is no need to add “excavator” ,“changed stratum protocol to NiceHash Miner Protocol” ©
only windows


[quote=“xgnom666x;1916”]sry for offtop. there is no need to add “excavator” ,“changed stratum protocol to NiceHash Miner Protocol” ©
only windows [/quote]
Yes. I’m totally agreed


Name of the miner


suprminer - it’s fork of ccminer

I’m think for X16R will be enough one stable and high efficiency fork of ccminer


Need fork ccminer for x16r with name “nevermore”.


Need this http://cryptomining-blog.com/tag/nevermore-miner/


Be careful. Fork from nevermore already in wish-list and will be most likely available in next OS update


Ух ты, разработчик ОС наш что ли? :slight_smile: Отлично, будем ждать этот майнер.


I could install evermore miner in place of existing x16r… giving 20% better hasrate over 24 hours. Evermore can also mine new pigeon coin x16s, but how to select algo in wallet setup as that choice does not appear? Love hiveos, but really need a way to self-install new miners a bit more seamlessly please! Thxs.

EDIT: I got a working wallet configuration when I selected rvn as the fork, left algo blank in the pull down menu and gave extra miner parameter “algo”: “x16s”


подскажите пж как установить оптиминер


А когда точно вы обновление с nevermore запилите?