[REQUEST] Miners for adding to HiveOS | Майнеры для добавления в HiveOS




  • lolMiner | C/A/N | Equihash 96/5 | MNX MinexCoin - since v0.5.36
  • Optiminer |A/N | Equihash 96/5 | MNX MinexCoin - since v0.5.38 (need install as additional package due size via ssh)
  • ccminer fork nevermore | N | X16R | Ravencoin - since web update 28.03.18
  • ccminer fork enemy | N | X16R | Ravencoin - since web update 28.03.18
  • cpuminer-opt | C | multialgo - since v0.5.45
  • tdxminer | A | Lyra2z | - as custom miner with v0.5-62
  • t-rex | N | Lyra2z | - as custom miner after v0.5-62


  • phoenixminer | A/N | Ethash | Currently only windows at this time (19.03.18)
  • SRBminer | A | Cryptonight family | windows only miner


support new Equihash 96/5 algo - not presented yet in HiveOS



Original topic - http://forum.hiveos.farm/discussion/433/request-add-miner-lolminer-optiminer


cpuminer-opt by JayDDee


Original topic - http://forum.hiveos.farm/discussion/300/request-add-miner-cpuminer-opt-by-jayddee


Крайние интересный майнер ccminer-enemy. Но его сырцы не доступны с 4 марта(тогда я о нём не знал). Вдруг они успели у Вас осесть? На нескольких алгоритмах майнер крайне более эффективен.


Pleasse add ccminer enemy :smile:


any chance to add phoenixminer? typically better hashrate than claymore with lower devfee, also open source. Ethash, amd, nvidiahttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2647654.0


At this time it’s windows only miner.
From bitcointalk topic

We are planning a Linux version in the future but it may take some time.


Ahh bummer, hadn’t noticed that, thanks for the quick response!


rather than a 2nd miner for MNX… Can I add my vote for Ravencoin miner,

Excellant work btw


Need sp-mod2 for a bitcore (timetravel). Current ccminer version has more than 30% less hashrate (


@carllever @RagnarokM
I’m add your miners to wish-list after founding source or linux binary


+1 ravencoin amd sgminer



Thanks to @prenex1 - add to wishlist ccminer-enemy fork. But link to windows binary )


Добавлять Optiminer не виду большого смысла ибо lolminer раза в два быстрее.


enemy miner - RAVEN (x16r)
sp-mod2 - BTX (timetravel)


enemy miner source will never available. But first run enemy-x16r under hive/linux has happened this night:)))

@enemy will decide what to do with binary( I just helped him to run miner under linux/hive).



- lolMiner | C/A/N | Equihash 96/5 | MNX MinexCoin -->SUPPORT v0.5-36
- Optiminer |A/N | Equihash 96/5 | MNX MinexCoin --> SUPPORT v0.5-38

  • cpuminer-opt | C | multialgo |
  • ccminer fork by enemy | N | X16R | Ravencoin
  • ccminer fork spmod2 | N | timetravel10 | BTX Bitcore

It seems to be still on the list, one of the most anticipated for CPU mining …
** cpuminer-opt

Please be patient …!


Ethminer’s latest release (ethminer 0.14.0rc0) isn’t compatible with hiveos. Developers changed its some parameters.


Currently HiveOS officially has support ethminer v0.14.0.dev4. There is nothing to comment to further versions of ethminer. When time is comes then new version will be included to OS update and all will be works fine