[REQUEST] Miners for adding to HiveOS | Майнеры для добавления в HiveOS



@HaloGenius how can i mine geekcoin using hiveos ???
than you


Zhasher for btcz and a few others that are forking next week.
https://github.com/btcz/zhasher Getting urgent please


I’m don’t hear about this coin. Can you point to topic at bitcointalk


Plz Add
Bytom GPU Miner v3.0

or tell me how to do it… 3 days,16hrs I have been working on it but failed

  • Name of the miner : Zhasher
  • Platform - CPU, AMD, NVidia : NVIDIA
  • Algorithm or coin because of which you need to add : BTCZ (new fork)
  • Discussion on bitcointalks, the site of the miner, a link with the source code on github, etc. : https://github.com/btcz/zhasher
  • The reason for adding (there is no algorithm in HiveOS, more profitable than available, etc.) : The only miner that works with the new BTCZ fork




Request for coolminer lyra2z



Download XTL miner to your rig, unpack it and write it over ineedminer fork or change the link to the ineedminer file to point to the xtl-stak. Thats what i have done and it works perfectly.


Can someone please update XMR-Stak to 2.4.5


New version updated in github, wait when will arrive with new HiveOS version


Do you guys have any specific hang ups for adding the Excavator Miner created by nice hash? Its really one of the best miners out there for LyraRev2 and Neoscrypt. At least some feedback regards to this so i know if i need to move my rigs off HiveOS while LyraRev2 is paying what it is


@hereticangel @hamednik

FYI new version of XMR-STAK supports XTL. I am mining it now with no changes


@hoogs thanks, i had done this workaround before hive added the new xmr-stak upgrade. thanks anyways


@HaloGenius regarding your post and reply to the other user on the TDXMINER being unstable and being under test. I have made custom modification of your miner structure (agent.monitor/miner scripts) and have managed to get it working without an issue using also collecting live stats from a helper script like you do with lolminer. Its been working pretty much without an issue for the last 24 hours. I do see sometimes GPUs going off track producing lower hash but this isnt something a restart using the tuning/hashdrop function could address.

As you can see i’ve linked the tdxminer files to the dstm tag as the dstm is useless in AMD builds.

As for your telegram announcements about this miner, some of us including me with multiple rigs on HIVE are paying for using your system on a monthly basis, so if we are requesting a new miner, a condescending tone is not appreciated as from my point of view you’re doing your job providing latest miners for a monthly fee! If you’re concerned about network difficulty, which is correct, perhaps the right approach would’ve been to include such niche miners only for your paying customer only, this way you will eliminate all the freeloaders getting the latest algos and thus remove a lot of unnecessary hash power raising the difficulty.

I appreciate the hive team being up to date and very on time with new algos and miner upgraders, you’re doing a fantastic job, however a coin’s difficulty is not something you should be concerned with. MNX fucked up since they lie about “low volatility and market price control” on their whitepaper, if they’d done according to their whitepaper a lot of people would still be mining it to date.

Anyways, many people like me who are comfortable in linux and have got to know your system do make it work eventually, but its not fair i pay over $30 monthly, and yet write code to get a new miner working with your platform.

Also sgminer djm simply doesnt work for lyra2z so some sort of a miner is needed since there are many coins using this algorithm now.


Yes it’s work … it’s not to hard to who in Linux like fish in a water … but did you read this?

We decided not to add all the miners in a row, but only popular ones. On the one hand, this will clutter up the disk space space, and with the other the loss of time for the developer. We constantly monitor trends and update old software, delete what has lost its relevance and add new software.
From time to time people ask us to add this or that miner.
This happens during HYIPs, after which almost nobody uses the miner. For example, we were very much asked to add a lolminer and an optiminer during the HYIP to the MNXcoin, we added it, the hype passed and now the share of these miners is only 0.01% …
Currently, we are seriously busy preparing the release of HiveOS 2.0 but we want to add users the ability to add “custom miner” and carry out integration into the system. This is in the roadmap and that’s all for now.
To be honestly we don’t have a common opinion on this matter - it’s may be way to add custom miner (but as you write you don’t like this way), or accessible only for payable accounts, or maybe plugins from web store …

We’re glad to hear opinions of our customers to realize a solution that will suit all of us.



Yes it was also posted on your telegram announcements channel which is what i am referring to in my post. At least watch out for your paying customers if you are concerned about difficulty levels.


I was update my post - It’s topic for discuss


transfer discuss https://forum.hiveos.farm/discussion/1117/why-hive-does-not-implement-every-other-shitsome-miner#latest


Прошу добавить:


EWBF update for Equihash mining changes.

Solver for equihash 200,9 has been deleted.
Solvers for Equihash 192,7 and 144,5 has been added