[REQUEST] Miners for adding to HiveOS | Майнеры для добавления в HiveOS



FinMiner linux


Hey guys we need some cryptonight algos. They have quite a lot now. heavy, lite, V7, lite_v7. thanks


Can we please add tdxminer to the list? It is one of the few most profitable LINUX ONLY miners… https://github.com/todxx/tdxminer/releases/download/v0.2.2.2/tdxminer-v0.2.2.2.tgz


cpuminer-multi-opencl wildkeccak_old AMD-GPU

✓ wildkeccak Purk [PURK]


hi admin
please add tdxminer to the list, It is one of the few most profitable LINUX ONLY miners… https://github.com/todxx/tdxminer/releases/download/v0.2.2.2/tdxminer-v0.2.2.2.tgz


This is a small list of algorithms and coins Hive can mine. Would it be possible to add an updated list to the website or on a sticky to the forum?


ETH - Ethereum (10,000mh/s)

ETC - Ethereum Classic

ETP - Metaverse ETP

EXP - Expanse

MUSIC - Musicoin

ELLA - Ellaism

ELE - Elementrem

DAXX - DaxxCoin


DCR - Decred

XQD - Dirac

ELT - Electron

BBTC - BlakeBitcoin

BLC - Blakecoin

PHO - Photon

XVC - vcash

TRUMP - trumpcoin

ERA - blakestar


SC - Sia Coin

XRB - Nano


XMR - Monero

LNS - Lines

MZT - Myztic

ELYA - Elya

WOW - wowcoin

GRFT - Graft

ITNS - IntenseCoin

SUP - Superior Coin

ETN - Electroneum


PASC - Pascal Coin


LBC - LBRY Credits


XVG - Verge

HONEY - honey

TAJ - TajCoin

BLAS - BlakeStar

PUPA - PupaCoin


MAX - Maxcoin

SLOTH - Slothcoin

METH - Cryptometh

NXS - NexusNiro


ZEC - Zcash

BTG - Bitcoin Gold

ZEC - ZCash

BTCP - Bitcoin Private

KMD - Komodo

ZEN - ZenCash

ZCL - ZClassic

BTCZ - BitcoinZ

HUSH - Hush

ZER - Zero

ZEL - Zelcash


mkxminer | A | Lyra2rev2 |
lyclMiner |A| Lyra2rev2|
these miners can keep up with greens on this algo
and this algo is the most profitable IMO since NIX just launched


Update pls a new version 1.12 of Z-enemy miner!


And update Nvidia Drivers!)



WildRig Miner for Wild Keccak algorithm.
There is Linux version.


After finished work under development of custom miner intergration (tdxminer and t-rex) I’m looking for new blood :stuck_out_tongue:

What we gonna do next?


Ive asked this 3 times in this thread already and it just gets ignored every time. Would it be possible to add the Nicehash Excavator miner for people mining on their pools. Many benefits to using it over other miners on their pools. Ranging from great speed on aglos like lyraRev2 and Neoscrypt and ofc 0% dev fees. PLEASE :slight_smile:


Is tdxminer integrated?! which version? I see only -57 for download ? Or its via update only?


With v0.5-62 was introducing new feature “Custom miner”

tdxminer was first custom miner package


Can anyone here test how bad my scripts for custom miner integration of WildRig for wild keccak algo? :slight_smile:
here is a package for 0.9.11 beta.


seems they are bad, failed to run on some installations… need to check everything more, this is problematic develop without possibility to test on my own hardware %)


Another request for JCE Miner Cryptonight/forks, now with GPU!:

Right now it seems like it is the fastest miner for CN variants on CPU, so adding it would be great.


Я две недели не могу настроить EWBF на BTCZ, копает, шары видит, все отлично, а на пул шары не приходят вообще, название воркеров видны на пуле, а солей и шаров ноль! И так на разных пулах (кроме супрновы, там вообще ничего не работает, одни режекты), причем на тех же настройках в винде все копает отлично и шары на пул прилетают!


топик вообще-то не об этом

  "name": "BitcoinZ",
  "props": {
    "ewbf": {
      "algo": "144_5",
      "fork": "zhash",
      "zpass": "x",
      "zport": "2020",
      "zserver": "btcz.2miners.com",
      "ztemplate": "%ZWAL%.%WORKER_NAME%",
      "user_config": "pers BitcoinZ"
    "zwal": "t1Va3HHkb1iJmPnFYLvnXY6HYqVmKLVvz8a"


Good day, can you please add

CryptoDredge. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4129696.0
They have just added support for linux.

Algos supported

And its pretty fast, especially compared to some of the miners in hive atm

Thank you


+1 It must be very useful. Please!

Добавьте новый майнер BitTube Miner 1.1.5 (GPU AMD) для монеты TUBE.
Алгоритм - CryptoNightIPBC-Lite.
Ссылка на майнер - https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-miner/releases.
Ссылка на майнер для NVIDIA - https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-miner/releases/tag/1.1.3
-Причина: нет алгоритма на HIVE OS, профитный алгоритм