Rig freezes during startup


I have a rig with 7 RX570s that was running Hive perfectly yesterday. Then the power goes down without warning and is down for two hours. After it cut out I flipped the switch on the rig’s power supply and pulled the cord, just incase the power surges when it comes back on. When it comes on I wait a few minutes before starting the rig back up, I waited for it on the dashboard, but it didn’t load, so I clicked the button to shut it down, but nothing, had to hold it to force shutdown. Put on a monitor and it boots as it should, Hive starts to run it’s processes, but then gets stuck on the following line:
[*** ] A start job is running for Hive (20s / no limit)

I reboot, but no joy. I reflashed the SSD with no luck, I deleted the worker and reflashed again still with no luck. Put ethOS on to see if I get anywhere there and it works first try. Any ideas on a fix?