Rig Freezing and GPU not mining

I have a mining rig that contains 9 gpus:

  • 6x GTX 1660 super
  • 1x GTX 1070
  • 1x GTX 1080 ti
  • 1x RX 590

Being powered by 3 psu, 1000w, 650w, 850w

Everything was working great and mining for about 3 days before I tried changing something that I don’t remember, the first problem became that if the 9 cards where connected, when hive booted it would just freeze as soon as it started mining, so then I removed the rx 590 and all cards where up again without freezing.

Then I noticed that all cards where mining apart from the 1080 ti. I tried changing risers, power supply but nothing, if I put the 1080 ti alone in another rig it works and mine.

I would like some suggestions or help on how to fix both problems as it was working before.

P.S. All gpus are connected to the same mother board using two multipliers and one directly to the pcie slot.

I would post images but new users can’t ×_×

Thank you! Sorry I am a beginner

I discovered that the freezing problem only occurs when I mine with the RX590, it can be connected to the rig and everything but as soon as it starts mining the systems freezes. It worked before so I don’t know what to do. As long as the card is connected and not mining all other cards work great without freezing.

Also still didnt figure out the gtx 1080 ti problem

I had the freezing issue in a mixed rig too, I discovered it was my AMD cards OC was too high, specially SoC values (every card is different)
Regarding the 1080 maybe the miner needs a “mt”(memory tweak - aka Pill) value parameter in order to work with the rest of the cards…

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Thank you, I removed the overclock for the rx 590 and its now working! Other three questions:

  • What is the best stable overclock to get at least 30 mh for the rx 590?
  • What parameter would it be for the magic pill? As it was working before without any.
  • My motherboard has 3 pcie ports, and one m.2, currently I am using 2 multipliers and one card directly, I would like to have 10 gpus (one more), do you think it will support, should I use a third multiplier or should I use a m.2 riser adapter?