Rig Goes Offline Almost Once Per Day

Hi there,
This is my first rig with HiveOS. I’m loving it so far except for this issue where the rig goes offline after a day or so. The short-term fix is usually just to power cycle the hardware.

I have seen other threads like this where the suggested long-term fix was to change overclocks. I’m just using the most popular settings for my cards as recommended by HiveOS. See below:

I’m using stock bios settings on the MOBO.

Is there anything obviously wrong with my setup? What should I try next? Thanks guys!

I have the same problem, but BOOTED & MINER UPTIME timers never restarts. So I supouse there is no problem.

You are not running on the latest stable kernel, #72. I believe #60 was an interim or beta actually.

I’d upgrade the kernel via researching the use of “hive-replace -y --stable” initiated via Hive Shell.

In addition, might want to consider locking your cores, and reviewing memory values which look a bit high.