RIG goes Offline RANDOMLY and stay Offline

Hey Guys,
i have a big issue.
My rig is going offline randomly and show no connection

, sometimes it run for over 15h and sometimes
it crash and the Miner freeze.
All my other Rigs (all connected to LAN) runs for Days with no issues.
Only a restart at the RIG (Mainboard) helps

if you plug a monitor in when it crashes what do you see?

Frozen Screen of the miner

Same here, I just bought a smart plug so I can hard reboot the rig from work.

Rig goes offline, cannot do any action from hive, and when I come back home and look at the screen the miner is stuck at the time the rig went offline.

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any errors or anything look weird in the logs? if youre running the eth pill have you looked into the memory tweak option instead? should improve stability.

nothing in logs
i use Memory Tweak 1 and no ETH Pill :slight_smile:

What overclocks are you running?

tried with and without oc but still goes offline.

Yes exactly like this !
could you post a link for the Smart Plug ?
And how does it work (or how do you solve it) bc i need to press the powerbutton at the Mainboard to start my rig ?

no oc is just as bad as bad ocs.

My bad i run Oc´s but i tried it too without OC settings at all cards
I applied now the 2 last OC´s again and boom rig is down (booted like 15mins ago)
now i will try again without OC at all cards , or what u think ?

Heya, I already had some philips hue bulbs and the wifi bridge, so I bought philips smart plug. Basically I just go into the app and I can switch the plug off, this physically removes power from the rig, I wait 30 sec and turn it back on, with the correct BIOS option it then turns rig on also.
If I didn’t have the philips bridge I would have taken the TP link KP105 (or similar reference) because lots of good reviews on it, it looks like you just connect it to your wifi and with the Kasa Smart app you can turn it off and on as you please. Just look up " tp link Kasa smart plug " and you will have this one for example:

EDIT : bios option is the one in the step 1 of this article : How to setup your computer to auto Power On after power outage. - wintips.org - Windows Tips & How-tos

I really have to thank you for the information,is this only the “Restore on AC/Power Loss” setting? But whats the reason behind this “disconnects” because its not normal i mean i have 3 different rigs and there are running without this issues , i already replaced all Riser but seems like does not help :smiley:

Yes you just have to activate the setting Restore on AC/Power loss.
Dunno about the offline, I’m having the issue myself and cannot find why, I read it can be because of an agressive OC or as you said faulty riser. I increased the mV on my 6600 and I just had my first 24 hours straight without rig going offline, but it might just be a coincidence.

Try lowering down the Mem OC, I had the same problem and that solved it

i try now with Memclock 3 and no oc set still crash :x

Had the same issue since 2 days - rig was running fine and now… not stable anymore

According to your picture, GPU 0, 1 and 2 are above 58º, that’s to high.
You should put a fan in front of the rig and try lowering down those temps. Try that and tell us

58° ist not high ^^
Cards can Handle 75°+