Rig is mining but the web site shows it as offline

Rig is mining but the web site shows it as offline. Obviously, there is internet connection (local network) but it shows offline almost immediately after restart. Pretty unstable: new terminal breaks the system. May be corrupted flash drive. Anybody had something like that ?

Система майнит но через веб или другой компутер не зайти, только локальная консоль. Какие-нибудь идеи ? На пуле видно что риг работает и на консоли тоже.

Is it mining under a different rig ID and miner? I just got hacked/hijacked and was mining for someone else. Had to reset the rig ID setup.

There is no hacked problem. HiveOS has a problem. I hope they will fix it soon.


All my rigs are randomly showing offline. Yet the pool shows no interruptions in mining or hashrate. I didn’t notice it until about 4hrs ago. No amount of intervention on my part has helped, including shutting down the rigs, letting them set and restarting them. The console shows mining activity and they’re all running even though the hiveos farm says they’re not. Guess I’ll just ignore hiveos until they push another update.