Rig keeps going offline - no error messages

My rig is connected in LAN to the internet, but it keeps going offline. It’s running 24/7, fans visually at the speed I configured even when offline, but it simply stops mining and shows as offline. As you can see, it has small disconnects and then a huge one. When I woke up today, I saw it was powered on and running, but offline in hiveOS and no mining done in the pool website.

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i have same problem !!! help pleaseee, I’ve done it all, updated hive os, downgraded hove os, changed riser, updated nvidia driver amd driver, changed miner, EVERYTHING I’VE DONE EVERYTHING!!! and the problem continues, all of a sudden the hive goes offline without mining in the pool but my GPUs are all turned on and working, ps: the screen goes black, everything as if it had turned off

I’m considering it to be a power/network problem. Has your rig been working on an outlet/PSU that is close to its maximum capacity? It may be going offline on a power consumption spike and sometimes getting back to work after, sometimes not.
My other rig is connected to the same outlet and the same network, and it goes offline at the same times.
Btw agora q reparei seu nick eae kkkkkk

I have the same problem.

So far I have tried following:

  • Setting up Watchdog to see if it reboots, but no luck.
  • Running without the Rx590
  • Run NiceHash on Windows for 3 days without any issues
  • Changing CMOS battery /BIOS changes clock to two hours behind everytime it reboots
  • Reinstalling HiveOS
  • Boot into BIOS and let it run for 48 hours - And that worked fine. But when I boot into HiveOS it freezes. Sometimes after 1 hours, sometimes after 5 hours.
  • Tested CPU temperatures and GPU temperatures.
  • Changed miner to t-rex and redminer which helped a bit
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Hey all,
I was getting these same problems out of the blue. Rig keeps going offline randomly and while it’s offline it keeps mining for a short period of time and then just freezes or something.

I’ve switched the lan cables in the router and the problem seems to be solved for me. It didn’t go offline anymore.

I’ve read somewhere that the firewall in your router can mess things up so I thought I’ll give it a try and it worked.

@3ssen3 Hi, what exactly did you do to routers firewall? Turned it off or filtered miners IP`s or something else?

I’ve done nothing with the settings just simply put the cable in slot 1 in slot 2 and the cable in slot 2 to slot 1 that’s all.

same problem for me. rig starts to go offline some days ago for no reasons…worked for month, changed nothing. rig mines for 2-3 days and then without any error its offline and stopped mining.
must be some update as these were the only changes i made…hiveos updates. any stable older version? any hint to solve this?

I started to reboot my rig daily to see if this happenes again if rig is online less than 24 hours. could be a lan driver issue…will try a different lan card instead of onboard. but weird…worked for month and for no reason its unstable now :frowning:

I’m considering it to a network problem.