Rig keeps going offline - no error messages

My rig is connected in LAN to the internet, but it keeps going offline. It’s running 24/7, fans visually at the speed I configured even when offline, but it simply stops mining and shows as offline. As you can see, it has small disconnects and then a huge one. When I woke up today, I saw it was powered on and running, but offline in hiveOS and no mining done in the pool website.

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i have same problem !!! help pleaseee, I’ve done it all, updated hive os, downgraded hove os, changed riser, updated nvidia driver amd driver, changed miner, EVERYTHING I’VE DONE EVERYTHING!!! and the problem continues, all of a sudden the hive goes offline without mining in the pool but my GPUs are all turned on and working, ps: the screen goes black, everything as if it had turned off

I’m considering it to be a power/network problem. Has your rig been working on an outlet/PSU that is close to its maximum capacity? It may be going offline on a power consumption spike and sometimes getting back to work after, sometimes not.
My other rig is connected to the same outlet and the same network, and it goes offline at the same times.
Btw agora q reparei seu nick eae kkkkkk