Rig kills internet connection for other devices

Hi guys.

I have just started my rig and I ran into network problems. So I have a router, to which I have connected my rig by Ethernet port. Once it starts mining - no other device can access the internet on this router. Router is placed next to the rig.

I have checked shell, and ping readouts look like that (I do not know if it is okay or not, but I think it is fine)

I have an app on my phone for the router - I cannot access it as well.

Everything except the rig freezes.

Asus Rog Strix B250H.
Router: Huawei B535 4g+.

Before the rig is connected, everything works good (internetwise).

Any ideas of what could be wrong? What should I do to get my other devices working on the same net?



I have the same issue.
Just installed my first hiveOS-Rig and when I boot it, within a minute all other devices in our house (but the Wifi from the router) loose connection with the internet. I tried a fix IP-Adress, but no difference.
10 seconds after shutting my rig down, my pc regains internet connection.

How did you solved ur problem ?? I have the same one?!