RTX 2070 Support?


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get HiveOS mining with my RTX 2070s, however I keep getting CUDA errors (on every algo I’ve tried). I’ve updated the Nvidia drivers using the “nvidia-update-driver” command and I appear to be running 410.78 (though the farm webpage shows the drivers as 396.54), and am running the latest HiveOS update.

Has anyone been able to get 2070 cards working with HiveOS? Please help!

Thank you!


Ditto this! Anyone have an answer??


I am looking for a solution as well . My Gigabyte 2077 isn’t recognized, regardless of the driver version I use (currently 418.43).


Same here, i see the card in Hive…but i get GPU driver error, no temps, and nothing happens. Doesn’t start mining.
Have updated the drivers to N 396.54, this is how it shows my card:
NVIDIA Corporation TU106 [GeForce RTX 2070] (rev a1)