RTX 3060 hash rate limit & some linux driver info from support

What do u guys think, will we get linux support for rtx3060 ?

I think it would be strange that the leading mining OS dont provide us with this nvidia driver support, dont know about legar restricitons tho…fingers crossed for prompt actions from HIVE devs !

Got some info from support just today ,

Firstly, Windows and Linux versions of Nvidia drivers have different numbers
Secondly, the (470.05) is the version of the driver, this is not just a beta version for Windows, but also a version only for developers that accidentally leaked to the Internet.
Unfortunately, a similar version for Linux was not released, and given the fact that Nvidia has already removed the ability to download this Windows version, it is unlikely that a similar version for Linux will be released.
We are studying the possibility of unblocking Ethereum mining on RTX 3060 cards, and in case of a successful experience, there will certainly be an announcement about this on our communication channels - Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.”


Waiting for some announcements too!
Finger crossed as you said!

I don’t think so. Remember what Linus said about Nvidia :slight_smile:

dont remember… what was that? :slight_smile:

Any News about unleash onf rtx 3060 ?

havent read anything new about it…i actually sold my 3060´s …cant wait for driver release so bought another gpu with the money i got from those.what a shame to let go of such good gpu´s! :angry:

The same for me i sell my three rtx 3060 and will relace by 3070 , for me theyr are the best now mhs/watts

with t-rex miner i have 62,27 / 120 w with 3070

how much $ / 3070 ?

bought 980 euros one card but it depend on the model

it is a suprim X

120w at the wall, or in Software?