RTX 3060 How to absolute core?

Hello guys, any one of you trying absolute core on 3060 CFX/ETH?
Which settings do you use?

In your Overclock Template set the number. Anything above 500 will be recognized as an Absolute Core Clock.

This is for a 3060 TI, so set yours accordingly.

Happy Hashing :money_mouth_face: !

I know how it works :slight_smile:
I just ask somebody, if they already found optimal settings for 3060.

Well crap. I obvisouly misread that. My bad.

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Hello. have you found a stable profile in absolute?

Not for the 3060, only the 3060 Ti. Sorry.

Try this for 3060 (in windows with trex miner) but should be able to apply just fine in hiveOS

pl - 75
mclock - 1280 (some of my cards run just fine stable on 1280, others don’t)
absolute cclock - 1400 - 1500 (I have mine set on 1430, some on 1450 for testing)

PC1 - RTX 3060 Palit Dual (none oc model)

PC2 - RTX 3060 Palit Dual (none oc model)

PC3 - RTX 3060 Palit SC (OC model, note higher wattage on exact same settings)