RTX 3060 LHR V2 minig Results?

Could someone test the new RTX3060 V2 LHR graphics card on mining cryptocurrencies such as: Ravencoin, ERGO, CORTEX, BEAM, SUPERSERO, AETERNITY, CONFLUX, GRIM, and write the results.

Are there any problems and limitations with mining using an algorithm other than Etchash?

Ergo 105.9, ETH 26 I believe


116 Mh/s on Windows but I do encounter issues with drops in hashrate randomly


26.89 Mh/s

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can you explain a little how you did this? what’s the final core/mem number on the card?

I’ve done some testing with my EVGA 3060XC V2 this week and this is what I’ve found…

Ergo 116-119 - I’ve been able to run it stable at 102watts, but it does randomly seem to drop and I’ve had to increase the wattage to 114 to get it to maintain 115+.

Right this minute my settings are: Core -500, Mem 2700, PL 114 and its running at 50 degrees temp wise Using NBMiner.

RVN - 23-24 MH using EVGA 3060 XC using 135watts of power.

Right now my best RVN Settings are: +250 core, Mem 2200, PL 135. Usually runs around 52-53 degrees temp wise.

Haven’t tested Conflux yet, planning to do that this weekend.

ERGO seems to be very time-consuming to find the right OC’s that will hold steady and stable. RVN was much simpler to lock in its best settings comparatively speaking.

I have an MSI 3060 I just got that I’m planning to test this week as well, it seems already that it will require different OC’s for each Algorithm than the EVGA card does.

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