RTX 3060 not recognized in Hive OS

I bought 8 RTX 3060 cards and wanted to mine Ravencoin with it, but Hive OS does not detect what card it is… instead of saying RTX 3060 it just says Graphics Card Device???

Does Hive OS not support mining with 3060’s?

Same here… =/

It is now working, run this command: nvidia-driver-update http://download.hiveos.farm/drivers/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-460.56.run


Could you please share with us what hash rates you are achieving ?

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I have run it but system froze and after that still no NVIDIA GPU detected , and when i try to upgrade again it gives me that package is already installed but still do not recognize GPU.
Some advice please.

same result, update and dead

Fewww minutes again ON 15min aprox

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