RTX 3060 ti LHR overclock setting

Sorry about it, i bought rtx 3060 ti online then arrive is LHR version. i really hate that. Trying to contact seller then no reply yet. first i test mining on windows its start with 53MH/s then drop to 23MH/s on ethash. i dont test on hive os yet because it take time to manage wire on my rig. about that it have chance to increase MH/s? anyone have setting about it? i feel growl about this seller.

well this LHR card does this yes, but you can push it to 35-37. Lolminer on the other hand made some boosts for these LHR cards and you have to use lolminer and it will do aroun 45 i think.

which overclock setting i need it? also recommend nvidia graphic card version on hiveos?

i try on windows using lolminer only get 26MH/s

try with 1300 Core clock , 2300 Memory.

The model number on the LHR gpus end in “KL”.
Should have had the seller take a pic of the model number for you.
Mine something else with it, like Ergo or Raven, youll get much better hashrates.

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i dont see any KL word on that. only see its write LHR. what is meaning if not have KL?

The end of the model number has 2 letters, either KR or KL.
kL Means light hashrates

I cant get more than 106mhs for RTX 3060Ti…can someone help?

The other algos are core demanding so you should increase a bit core clock. Test with hogher values increasing by 50 each step

RTX 3060 Ti (LHR) Gigabyte Eagle
I try everything and never get stable hash, this settings is best for now and work super stable!

nbminer 38.1
N 465.31
116.3 Mh/s 99-106w
900 2700 125

yeah right you get 115 mhs on 3060ti lhr :slight_smile:

Ya, he’s probably talking about Ergo