RTX 3060 ti LHR overclock setting

I’m a newbie here, I just installed my two Gigabyte 3060 Ti to my rig, and it started to become very unstable and the worker go offline all the time, can someone shed some light please?

I just downgrade my nvidia driver from 470.63.01 to 465.31, and my worker seems to come back online, but i still can’t reach 40MH


After some tests there is better configuration for me:
OS: 0.6-209@210831
Driver: N 460.91.03 (from latest image, not updated)
Miner: nbminer-ver. 39.1 (39.1 works better than 39.2 but without autodetect LHR)
Extra config: “lhr”: “70”



My 3060ti will mine for about 10-15 mins at 40mhs then goes back down to zero. Do you experience this problem? Seems like it hits the limiter

Hi, i haven’t. The two my cards are working at 41-44mh all the time without any rejects or stops.


Hi, can you help with overclock MSI?

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Sorry, this card is from different vendor and seems to be different arch. I have experiance only with these i have. Every vendor has their implementation and lhr hack is not successful for all of them i think.

I have four Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB GDDR6 - LHR and all of them are workinkg as in pictures.

Is the hashrate stable? Mine will be around 40 for about 30 minutes and fluctuates down to zero mhs

Yes, it is stable. 40-44.

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I have a problem, I can’t pull out 42mh at 3060ti lhr, I get a maximum of 36.mh
nbminer last version
nvidia drivers N 460.91.03

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my friend maybe u got a MSI with a Hynix
my settings OC

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Are my cards 3060ti with RTKS 3060 TI 8 GB HINIX, with them you can’t get a hanging hashrate? or there is some solution

What model of Msi you have?

That’s what I managed to survive the maximum with the memory of the Hynix, the hash rate periodically drops to 40.5

Hello guys. I got a problem with mining ergo on my 6x3060ti lhr cards (gigabyte gaming oc with samsung memory). One cards can mining 130mh/s another 80-90. Trying lolminer, nbminer, trex miner. Set memory like 2350, another cards 2400 etc nothing… Can u help me ?

Above i post my OC for mining RVN! Maybe u got better OC ?

Can u help me with OC Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB GDDR6 - LHR for ergo mining ?

VGA msi geforce rtx 3060 ti gaming x trio LHR

Try negative cclock and less pl, look here

is this stable?
may I know your nvidia driver version, thanks!

edited: sorry, I wasn’t aware, it is 470.63.01