RTX 3060 ti - NBminer 39.7 not stable on HIVEOS

i have a RTX 3060 Ti (LHR - Hynix Memory)

with new NBMINER 39.6 i got atleast stable 39MH on windows (core 0 MC 800 PL 85%)

today i installed HIVEOS and i got 8 LHR locks within 10-15 minutes (lhr lock detected message)
hashrate didn’t move above 32MH (Core 0 Memory 1500 PL 175W)

i can confirm i have the latest hiveos update 0.6-211@211031 & the NBminer version

please can someone help to fix this ? atleast this works on windows


yes i had the same issue so i moved back to v 39.6. i am getting a stable 41+ MH/s.

I saw few posts where they were achieving 44 MH/S but that was on Samsung memory, Hynix sucks.


glad to hear that. i was about to sell this card lol.

how do i install 39.6 back BTW ?

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in the miner configuration file from flight sheet you should be able select the specific version. by default it picks the latest version.

make sure to stop the mining, unset the flightsheet before doing these changes.

click the dropdown and select the version.



i will try. thank you very much for the help

follow this thread for more info.

May be your click settings? I have 3 Running on 39.7 and latest hiveos… but running a N 470.82.00 video drivers… I am getting 44Mhs on ETH stable since

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yeah the issue was with the NVIDIA drivers, updated them to v495… now getting stable 39MH with 0 core 1600 Mem 150W.

can you share your OC settings ?

you are welcome!

try Fa100 | CC -502 | MC 2800 | PL 130

I am getting 46-48Mhsper card. If you do not get that then try the N 470.82 drivers. or try NBMINER 39.6
If you cards crash … try dropping to 2600 o the MC


i dont think i can go more than 1700 MC in hynix memory. i will try other settings. thank you

i have fixed core at 1350, 1870 to 1900 mem and 140/144w Power Limit, my cards run @42 to 44 Mhs on Nicehash

Setting a Fixed clock and a fixed PL is almost de the same, one oh those factor will determine the higher clock either the higher pl

Hey Westy. Are those ti’s OC gaming cards? I’m running 1600 core & 2600 mem. Tested for 72 hrs. Start at 46, then they drop to 45 and change. What are you seeing?

yeah mine are the OC ones… Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 3.0 LHR

I got mine stable around 47 mh/s running for about 12 hours now.

I have some EVGA ftw3 ultra 3060 ti’s that are LHR with Hynix memory. With NBminer 39.7 and up-to-date drivers, I’m getting 44-45 mh per card with 1410 core, 2150 memory, no PL. Been stable since the 39.7 update, no crashes.

Also: make sure you have updated the HiveOS to at least the version that includes the NBminer update

Same here. Running 470.74. Cards start at 46.5 then over 24-48 hrs slow to 45.5. OC set at 1600/2600/150. Are you seeing the same thing over time. A reboot gets the hash rate back up, but I don’t think I should have to do that every day. Thoughts? Driver change or OC change?

I tried till Mem 1790, core 1100, PL 145. After mem 1800 its becoming unstable. I am back to Nbminer 38.1 just to see if my hardware is stable. Worked well for 36hrs but then 1 gpu is giving problem. Goes offline abruptly with mem oc error / cuda error. Need to check if its gpu issue or riser or cable or the miner. Will check that day after tomorrow. Currently working without that gpu

Very good results with Hynix memory!!

I tried these settings right now and I think it’s stable (I think) at 44mh/s!! Thanks man… If you improve a little more, please let me know. Consuming 132w to 145w… A little high, but thats ok.

I bought 6 3060ti and all of them are Hynix!