RTX 3080 FE GPU driver error, no temps

The machine keeps restarting after 30mins showing the Error “GPU driver error, no temps”.

I am using Pheonix Miner With OC settings as below:

`Core: -200 Memory: 2000 PL: 225`

Using nVidia Driver: 455.45.0.1

After Updating the Driver to 460.39, System still restarting in 1hr interval showing an error

2021.02.19:20:13:26.354: wdog GPU2 not responding
2021.02.19:20:13:26.354: wdog Thread(s) not responding. Restarting.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Try a different GPU riser. Try setting bios pcie to Gen 1 or Gen 2 for that bus.

Tried both as suggested. Nothing has changed

Stay away from nvidia drivers outside of 455.45.01. Later versions are notorious for causing issues. I would definitely move back to the driver noted above. I have had the same issues when I had the wrong gen, OC’d a bit too much, and/or temperatures crept up a bit too much. Make sure you have decent airflow.