RTX 3080 GameRock OC - OC settings

Hello guys.

I am very new to mining and even to HiveOS. I’d like to ask for help with OCing RTX 3080 GameRock OC card please. Settings in MSI Afterburner look like on a picture but I am not sure how to duplicate them in HiveOS }I do have a problem with “Core clock - curved” setting. May I ask you for a help, please?

1.) Core Clock - Curve? (which value?)
2.) Memory clock: +3000 in HiveOS (should be 2x from MSI Afterburner value?)
3.) Fan speed: 50 (should be same, right?)
4.) Power Limit: 0

Thank you very much.

+3000 is too much, i do -200 core and +2400 mem, 225 powerlimit (HIVEOS) i get 99.91 mh/s

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Thank you mery much.

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You’re welcome.

Sunt nou în domeniul mineritului.Am nevoie ajutorul vostru.
Doresc sa stiu daca sunt ok setarile pe care le-am facut pentru placile video? Este normal ca ventilatorul sa functioneze la 100%. Ma puteți ajuta cu o parere, va rog? Am atasat si o poza cu setarile facute.
Multumesc mult

I know everyone uses these setting Of mem above 2000
But I find if go above 1800 ish I get reboot on Phoenix miner I wondering if it’s NiceHash causing reboot
Any thing above 96mhs it becomes unstable on any card
Yet in windows I get 98/99 easily

Try using t-rex miner, that’s what i use, no issues running at 99 mh/s

Im using Phoenix miner with no issues and 99mh/s using 2400 memory. Have you updated all of your drivers and bios settings on your MB?