RTX 3080 not working

I’m desperately trying to get my RTX 3080 to work on HiveOS, but despite experimenting with a myriad of settings I’ve been unsuccesful so far.

The card isn’t properly identified and I get the following output.

As one can see all other cards are working properly.

What I’ve tried.

  1. Changed OC settings to 0 (use default settings).
  2. Changed PCI settings in BIOS (tried Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Auto).
  3. Updated all nvidia drivers to the latest version.
  4. Installed the card in a different rig -> same result.
  5. Used a different MB (ASUS Prime Z390) with just the RTX 3080 installed -> same result.
  6. Successfully Installed the card on windows.

Since I was able to succesfully get the card up & running (and mining!) on windows, I figure it has something to do with HiveOS.

I would appreciate if you could help me out here and/or point me in the right direction!


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You’ll need update Nvidia driver. 30xx supported since drivers v455+ series (you have 450)

  1. Enable maintenance mode without loading drivers
    Go to Worker options
    click Apply and Reboot rig via Power options
  2. After rig rebooted you’ll need start Hive Shell
    when Hive Shell started you’ll see on your dashboard
    click and than on new tab put command
    nvidia-driver-update 455
    this will start Nvidia driver update process. It’s will took some time depending on speed of CPU and storage on your rig.
  3. When installation finished than disable maintenance mode and reboot rig
  4. After reboot your 30xx will work.


What a blunder on my end and apologies for bothering with an obvious mistake on my end.

A hint for others with similar issues: ‘nvidia-driver-update’ doesn’t necessarily install the latest drivers (only the latest stable version) - you have to manually select the version.

Anyway thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated!

can you tell me what is the lowest possible powerlimit you can set and how much hashrate you get with that? 225 w for 93 mhash seems a good deal so far

100W seems to be the lower bound I’m able to apply. I get around 29MH with that setting.

Yes currently
450 - it’s stable video drivers with long-live support
455 - it’s just latest
Yes I agree it’s may causing some misleadings

RTX arch much harder than previous Pascal.
PL on RTX specifies the common usage for all GPUs modules. Built-in power manager distributes energy to all modules, taking into account the specified limit. 100 W is very low for such a card.

Great…thx for testing !!!.
So you can lower more than -50 % …that´s cool…doesnt work in windows I assume…and my 2070S can only do -50 % too…but this does not affect hashrate…seems to be different for the 3000 series as Halo just said. interresting.

Sure, i would never run such a card at 100W.

I find the default settings yield a good result with 93MH @225W. That is 413kH/W and this is the highest figure for any card in my rigs.