RTX 3080 Ti reference PCB cards (PNY, Gainward, etc)

Hello all,

I am surprised there are not more discussions regarding PNY 3080Ti or other cards with reference PCB. Where I live(Scandinavia) it is one of the more easily attainable cards.

To the discussion itself, these cards seem to be severely limited in what they can do and I would like to understand why, for example I have not seen or heard about anyone being able to get these cards above 75-77 MH.
I don’t believe it to be power since the power limit is never even close to be reached, always stays under 280W.
I’ve spent hours with MSI afterburner trying to get it just above 80MH, but no luck.

Some of you must be more technical than me and a reasonable mind.
is it the Reference PCB ?
Power stages being the lowest among 3080Ti’s?(17)
2x8pin power card ?

Now in the end, I got tired of it and grew some cohones and bios flashed it. first I flashed it to Gigabyte Vision OC since it is the highest available power for 2x8pin power 3080Ti cards.
There is also a thread on this forum that shows people hitting 84-85 MH with the Vision OC.

One heartattack later, reboot and sucessfull bios flash. However no improvement and again no settings in AB helped. still stuck at 75-77 MH

At this stage I was frustrated so I started reading and watching plenty people that flashed their regular 3080 cards to 400-450 PL bioses successfully. However this meant going from 2x8pin bios to a bios meant for 3x8pin card.

I decided fuck it and went for it, successful flash, reboot… coming back from the hospital thanking the person who invented the defibrillator I noticed my PNY 3080Ti was now mining at 87-89MH.
Now bear you the power consumption and efficiency are absolute attrocious- but I nearly had the same efficiency at 75 MH.

what are your experiences with 3080Ti cards with reference PCB ? have you had more success?

It is the BIOS issue thus pwr limitation caused GPU CClock is not fixed at more than 1100MHZ (690~1200 changing).

I owned a Galax 3080 Ti Metaltop OC (reference PCB) . The best I can do is 79.5~83.x Mh/s with T-rex 24.7 in both HiveOS and Win. The key issue is the core clock is not fixed, and alway flucuate from 690~11xx. You can use nvidia-smi dmon show the real time core clock.

When I upgrade the lastest GPU-z I found “PerfCap Reason” is “PWR”, which is matched with core clock. Off cause the board power draw is lower than MAX TDP. But “PWR_SRC Power Draw” is 100% reach its limitation from what I saw over GPU-z. So it is 100% the BIOS/design issue.

Solution: 1 – flashing BIOS which can reach higher TDP.
I found a few of discussions over other forum, someone confirmed flashing Asus ROG (not TUF gaming). VGA Bios Collection: Asus RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB | TechPowerUp
They also reported high power consumption afterward.

Also, Gigabyte 3080 Ti Gaming OC can reach 90Mhz as well as EVGA FTW3 one.

I’d suggest you try with those bios. And make sure that you backup the stock one just in case.

  1. VRAM temp.

My Galaxy 80Ti reach 102°C when reach above 80 Mh/s. It’s still within GDDR6x limitation but this could be one issue awaiting to be fix by changing HD90000 thermal pad.

Let’s following up to see the best way of reaching 88MH/s

Hello Walkinsky,

sorry if I was not super clear in my first post, I actually flashed my PNY 3080Ti twice.

  1. First flash was to Gigabyte 3080 Ti Vision OC- I choose this cause it has 2x8 pin power just like the PNY. But everyone seems to hit stable 85MH on this Gigabyte OC Vision since it successfully draws more power. I was not able to go above 77MH however.

  2. My second flash was to Gigabyte 3080 Ti AORUS MASTER - this is 3x8pin power card so it was a scary flash, but successful result. I was able to get 87-89MH stable but a lot of power cosumption. 330-360 - I did not try with power limits before ending my test.

Alternatively, you may try my setting without lock core clock.

core - 422
mem +1285
PL 100
Fan 100

My galax reference card get 83~85.5 Mh/s not fixed but no bad with origial bios. Power is 280W fixed, mem temp90~92°C without pad changing.

You may also flash Gigabyte gaming OC bios and MSI Ventus x3 one. I got friends saying they got 88 with stock bios.