Rtx 3090 overclocking

It is very difficult to get the highest performance

That didn’t work but I’d still like to see at least 110 across

You should try a lot

put …core -170 mem 2150 pwr 1900

And send a picture

I would look at the PSU and riser. What’s your PSU model and rating?

You better not be powering the riser through a SATA cable. Especially with an RTX 3090 which the PCIe slot on the riser would almost certainly hit the 54W rated SATA connectors. Power your risers directly from the 8pin VGA ports from your ATX PSU or from a server PSU with 12V 6pin breakout boards

If you’re using a good quality PSU and risers are powered properly (i.e. not SATA), then it’s likely a thermal throttle on the memory. Unfortunately NVIDIA has not released the sensor API for monitoring memory temperature for linux-based OS, so you won’t be able to see this on HiveOS. So get a thermal probe, infrared thermometer, or FLIR gun and point them at the backplate. If it’s above 115C, then it’s likely a thermal throttle on the memory.

EDIT: How long have you been mining on these 3090s? Probably you’ve been mining for some time and the GDDR6X memories finally gave in to thermals?

hi guys i got +64.5 mh from my evga 3070 but i dint know if my card is in danger or not
if its in danger tell me to downgrade my oc

3070 is not 3090



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I’ve changed the way the wires are connect. no sata wires just pcie’s. and the load on the cords should be way less although no change has occured.

core -300
mem 1800
pl 300

This is my settings but it is not running atm. When it runs I get 114-116MH/s

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That also didnt work. We have the same exact gpu. Will you send me pictures of your rig. What are your specs

The Problem are the thermal Pads.
I also have 4x RXT 3080 and 1 x RTX 3090 from Gigabyte, on all cards when they run a while, the hashrate falls down,…
you have to change this pads, and than you reach the maximal Hashrate. Search under Google, there you can find some videos how to change it.

Good Luck

Is this a common thing. Or do i need to find better quality padding? How often do you have to change?

I also noticed the power limit is never reached also

Yes, that is a common thing. I have a fried with also the same problem.
You have to change the pads when you see the Hashrate is falling down. I recommend every 3-6 months.
I bought this one, and it works perfect.

Ok thank you. How much ram do you have running. If i run one or two cards I can keep it at 104 to 108 mh. But when i go to 4 it all drops to 98ish. What motherboard do you have also

1900 → -200 → 230Watt → 98MH/s

2200 → -200 → 300Watt → 118MH/s

I get 124.9 MH per 3090with the following:

Core - 1400
Mem - 2700
Power - 315

When I drop my core below 1300 or above 1500 I get a drop in MH. I have 3 RTX 3090s and they are all set the same. I started out using -200 for core but I got the same numbers as you.

Hives does not show the memory temperature. You have a throttling memory under the backplate, the temperature exceeds 110C. Or there is a problem with thermal pads at all for many 3090 cards from different vendors. You can put an additional radiator on the backplate through a thermal pad, there are many videos about this on youtube (adding radiator 3090).

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