Rtx 3090 temperature

Hello, I am new to mining with an rtx 3090 which has an Mh / s of around 105. My card is still under a 1 year warranty, which is why I do not want OC, but I have a temperature of 59 °. Do you have any tips for keeping the temperature cooler?

Put a fan on top of the card and underclock the core

Any tips here for Gigabyte and EVGA 3090? I’m also just getting 110 mhs with 63C which is too hot for me. Would like to get at least 55C.

Settings right now are -200 Core, 500 Mem, 290 Watts

I don’t want to go above 58c. Room temp has a big influence also. I build my rig in the house and moved it in the warehouse now and its a lot easier to keep temp under control. Don’t go above 55c. Make sure to keep it there. I have it between 46c and 52c -300 2400 300pl and fans at 95% giving me 122.6 mh/s stable for days.
If you can keep it cool enough you can crank mem up to 2500 for 130mh but no more headroom left then. at 2600 the card gets cuda error. I think my settings are safe with the 48isch c. grts


Can you help me? I have a new 3090 FE, and its stable with the follwoing.

F=60…Core= -100… Mem= 2800… PL=300

My temp is 44C & my MH/s is 124.3.

I cannot seem to find mem temps withing HiveOS, do you think this is ok to run 24/7 or at Mem= 2800 and I doing damage… I have no invalid shares.