RTX A2000 temperature issues

I have mines set to PL 68 watts, Mem 2800. They are all happily chugging along at 40.60-40.69 mh/s each.

I haven’t tried overclocking the memory past 3000, but the temps you have on yours looks great.

Before I was running on 1000 core and 3000 mem, but it was “safe” approach when cards were inside a house. Now it’s in a garage without a heating so temps are ok.

I have 10 of these cards, once I run it on 1000/3000 setting, they’ll run at 41.2, but as soon as one starts heating up they start bogging down below 39. That’s why I have mine set to where they are.

put 95% on FAN - these cards love good vent :slight_smile:

I’d just like to source a couple. I had a bead on some the other day, but sold out before I could make the purchase. :frowning:

I give them 970/3000 . or 930/3000 , 930/2800 to keep it cool. i see its 2-3°C minus

Great result. what is the room temperature?