RTX3060 12GB results here

I have ordered 12 pcs RTX3060 12GB just now. GPUs will be in my hands after two days.
The price is so high in my country both the high taxes and the salers’ greed. 1091 USD x 12

All of the parts are ready. I will just plug the GPUs.
I hope HiveOS will support RTX3060 12GB. I have prepared fresh windows installation just in case as a backup plan.

Of course i will not mine on ethash algorithm beacuse hashrate limititaions of NVIDIA.
I will share the results here. If you have any, just share your results too.


I dont know if this is directly related to you but you might want to check this out.

my results on cortex



So with new driver system sees it as only 6gb ram?

it’s 12GB. 100W at the hiveos and 25 mh/s, 116w at the wall. this gpu is not for eth mining.

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Hello everyone!
Is there any hope for the RTX 3060 series graphics.
I bought 10 of them and it looks like none of them

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That’s a LOT LOT LOT of money to pay for a rather weak card (with a ETH hashrate limiter).

It’ll be 13 months of 24x7 mining (zero downtime) at today’s rates just to pay it off. By next year, crypto may have collapsed again.

$1091 USD x 12 cards = $13,092.00
12 cards = $39/day based on Cobus.pienaar’s numbers
$13,902 / $39 = 335 days

And this doesn’t include power costs.

I still didn’t received all parts but i have created a test rig with one card. Here is results for CFX.

EVGA 3060 RTX -12GB- Stock setting. - ETH

I just got my 3060 non ti installed on HiveOS. Did not have to update drivers to mine ETH.

Only 25MH/s at 100W.

-502 Core
2400 Memory
100 W

Today I’m going to run the 6X RTX 3060 (not ti) and see what to mine. I’ve been testing one for two days now but I haven’t managed anything with ETH and BTC. I report the results!

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That’s slightly less painful at about 9 months payoff (as long as the difficulty and value of CFX stays the same) of a ludicrously expensive card.

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I set memory on 2500 and get one more MH.

My optimal settings for Octopus!


Does anyone already has experience with modding RTX 3060?

Just saw this news spreading. In case this is no fake, 3060 might be a good deal currently.

It was not a bypass. The stats were from Octopus mining, not ETH. The OP cleared this in a tweet.

This is the result of a longer period of octopus mining on the HiveOS platform. 6 X RTX 3060 12GB

I can confirm the settings are optimal for Zotac Twin Edge OC Edition.
Well, it s not mining ETH at good hashrate and the chinesse hack is a rumour.
CFX may be the new Ethereum if CFX is listed in the exchanges like binance.

Do you mining on nice cash pool?