RVN configuration RTX 3070 TI

Hey guys, I need some help from you.

Could someone help me with overclocking to mine RVN / kawpow from my RTX 3070 TI?

I will attach photos of her model and bios.

Thank you very much!



I’m wondering that myself. Here is my OC settings:

3070 TIs mining RVN and RTX 2080 S mining ETH
Input anyone? Has been running stable with a 99,64% efficiency

i tried your OC setting for 3070 Ti, but kept dropping to 29 mh/s after a few minutes

are yours stable at 40 mh/s?

its kinda weird that without overclock, my 3070 ti can mine at 36 mh/s for hours but after overclocked they dropped to 29 mh/s

It’s stable and I’ve been running the machine for 5 days now, a couple of rejects but not more than 1 per day per card.

Do you have the exact settings?

yes, same exact setting

what miner do you use?

and do you use the dummy hdmi plug?

NBMiner and no HDMI dummy plug

Try these settings to see if it works better:

gonna try your setting, thank you

which version of nbminer do you use?

v 38.1

How is your temperature so low? My 3070 ti reaches 71 - 72 d celcius while mining rvn

I haven’t done anything in particular. Just the oc settings above and good ventilation and ambient temperature

I just added a second 3070 ti mining RVN and have been getting a 99.9% efficiency using the following OC settings. Also updating HIVEOS to 0.6-205@210719.

Core : 1530
MEM: 2700
Pl: 250

40.6 mhs

56-58 degrees C