RX 5500 XT refuses to mine

I am testing out mining, so I got a rx 580 and rx 5500 XT.

ASRock H110 pro BTC with a intel celeron CPU, hiveos with the newest beta on a usb stick.

My RX 5500 XT, wont mine, it shows up, uses 30W but does nothing, anyone got a fix?

The only setting I changed is turning the fan up on the RX 580, slightly to bring the temperatur down.

What is your Hive OS installation ?
Linux kernel and AMD Driver version


I got it to mine, phoenix miner managed to do it:

  1. Use TeamRedMiner or lolMiner
  2. Enable Autofan to reduce temperature
  3. Check your OC settings

I have tried both, enabled autofan no OC, its very unstable over night. 3 reboots of teamread miner, lolminer is not working very well at all.

H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock (P1.10 06/20/2017)
2 × Intel® Celeron® G4930 CPU @ 3.20GHz AES
Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 124GB


It also seems that only one of my cards are actually submitting shares?

I might be wrong but I think there are 2 different images for HiveOS. I recommend you to try a different image