RX 5500 XT Settings, what's your hashrates?

I have 2 ASUS ROG STRIX 5500 XT running and until now I have only applied some minor changes. I know people modify the BIOS of these cards.
Is anyone else running one of these and can give advice on what settings to use?

Currently I’m at 27 MH/s @ 70Watt

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What configuration are you using, mine is 25.32 MH/s

I cannot go for more than 26, it is unstable then… what are your settings? Stock BIOS or modded? Thanks.

Currently I am at 27 MH with Core at 1100 and Mem at 960/970, PL is 70
BIOS is stock, still
Stable, btw.

Try this stable for 13 days. Stock bios mining @28MH


I’ll try. Settings look good from what I can see. I assume PL is not set?

Thx for sharing :sunglasses:

Nice, 28 MH @ 57 and 58 reported
For both cards in total I saved 35Watts @ the wall
Looking stable so far

Any idea on how to optimize the BIOS?

Thx bud, these settings got me upto 28.08 and stopped the rig rebooting.

i have this configuration. stable for a 45 days

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I got same result as your for RX 5500XT with that setting. :slight_smile:
Got 28.32MHz @ CC: 1150 & MC: 980

im trying using now…see you

Bro I used your suggested settings and still the worker reboots every 3 minutes complaining about low hashrate. I am using 4 AMD RX5500XT GPUs. can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I tried mining eth then zil. I use various tweaks. Still complains about a low hashrate and when I look at the log it fails to connect to pool servers repeatedly. Any ideas?

Thanks bro. I figured it out. My minimum hashrate on the watchdog was too high. I set it to 24MH/s then also I had incorrect miner config command setting. After correcting these I am now getting average 28.55MH/s on each card and 100% efficiency. With zero invalid shares.Thank you.

10/10, seems stable for the last few hours, thanks for the clock! i was having trouble finding a good vbios flashing video for these and this got it into the range i was hoping for!

Hey guys can someone let me know what the clock specs are for your cards? im getting a max of 26 m/hs with

this clock crashes every now and then so looking for something stable!
any ideas?

I reached 28.4 thanks a lot!

29.6 is the best I could get
Settings below
Micron memory seem to overclock better than Samsung in this scenario

what miner are you using?

Phoenix Miner via HiveOS

Well, not too bad but honestly, the 1,5MH increase isn’t worth the extra wattage.

could you help me with my 2 Sapphire RX5500 XT nitro+ special edition?
Is it possible to unlock the BIOS? This is the best I can get with the stock BIOS … if I try to set a Mem clock > 900 everything crashes…